April 2021


Connor Shea

 BFA W2021

Artist Statement

These reliquaries collectively approach the tension between modern and personal. Each reliquary, inspired by the design characteristics of contemporary architecture, is contrasted by a miniature hand tool captured inside. These tools are hidden, only seen by the viewer when the mechanisms are interacted with. The act of revealing a personal and precious object hidden within a cold and industrial space is a core concept to this work and is a metaphor for the issues we struggle with today. Our society risks losing touch with personal connections, the very tools that it is fundamentally built upon. These pieces also play with one of the main concepts behind modern architecture, an emphasis on negative space. Not only do these reliquaries have the ability to capture objects inside of themselves, but also the space around them with overhangs, concavities, and the space that the mechanisms move through in operation. While the cold, sharp forms feel mysterious, uninviting, and in contrast to the tools inside, they also protect and display them in a way that communicates their importance.