McKenna Sgroi


BFA  W2021

Graphic Design Program

Artist Statement

As a designer and artist, when creating I take a more minimal and straightforward approach to my work. I want my work to be easily understood at first glance so that viewers quickly understand the point that I’m trying to make. Depending on the project, I may choose a more complex approach to broaden my skills and as a way to learn new design techniques. There is a lot of trial and error, editing and reworking just to figure out what direction I want to head in, but once I work through that part of it, it comes down to refining and gradually working toward a final product that a client is happy with and that I am as equally proud of. When it comes to my philosophy as a person - my overall goal is to provide hope and to help the world in any way that I can, and my work quickly becomes intertwined with that philosophy as I try to fulfill the need to push that goal further in any way that I can. While my work may not always have that goal, if I do come across a task that has those ideals attached, I will always take pride in it and do my best to achieve and convey the message that I was able to be a part of. I will always look to others for inspiration and for help, whether it be other designers, artists, photographers, movies, etc. for ideas and techniques, as long as it means I can put a better creation or final product into the world that will impact others in a positive way.