Emerson Baumgardner


BFA  W2021

Graphic Design Program

Artist Statement

I don’t believe that taking the creative path in school was a risk as many may say. I find that art and design play a huge factor in our everyday surroundings and adds vibrance and life to the duller experiences. Design has always sparked passion and a freedom of creativity in my life. As my work has developed over the years, I gain more influence and motivation to have my design make an impact in the world. My color palettes have expanded beyond my neutral comfort zone, the use of physical materials and printing have taught me that design can go far beyond a screen, education within all areas of design have broadened my entire perspective, and my design aesthetics have morphed into a reflection of myself and how I observe the ever-changing world. I have a newfound appreciation of the little wonders and stories of what design can tell through typography, illustration, and composition. Art is not just a skill we learn, but a human behavior. It is subjective and unique to everyone’s perspectives, and that’s why I’m proud that I stayed in the field of graphic design. Doing what I love while helping the world become a better place is a reward all in itself.