Sabrina Hosler


BFA  W2021

Graphic Design Program

Artist Statement


I made this prison abolition book because the United States has an approximate population of 328 million people, and approximately 216 million are affected by the prison system in some way, so more than half of the entire population is or has been incarcerated, or has or had 
an immediate family member imprisoned. The United States also imprisons far more people than any other country, with over 2.3 million people in confinement. Mass incarceration is incredibly harmful to individuals and communities, since it is a significant driver of racial inequality, it often fails its main objective- public safety, and puts profit before people. In the United States, the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) has become a large money maker for bail bond companies, commissary vendors, specialized phone companies, and the American government. Prisoners are often abused by guards and suffer extreme mental disorders because of this and solitary confinement, and prison conditions are often violent, abusive, and dangerous. Many studies have been done to show that prison does nothing to improve public safety, and incarcerating those who commit serious crimes does not stop them from doing so again after release. They are people, even though they are not treated as such. They need rehabilitation and help to become better people, not to be forced in a cage and punished by a glorified and more horrifying “time out” that we receive as children. Something needs to be done, and many things need to change in the American prison system.