Mariah Lucas


BFA  W2021

Graphic Design Program

Artist Statement

If there’s two things I know about myself, it’s that I’m an aesthete and a logical thinker, qualities that fit right in with a graphic artist. That being said, I have a very data-first approach to design, rather than a certain visual style. When I am tasked with a project, I initially begin with all the background information that comes with it. Elements like the target audience, the desired feeling to be associated with a brand, history, and values all become information that guide my decisions. As for visuals, I find that designs that make the most with little to be the most inspirational and clever. My favorite styles of work included traditional Japanese ink wash paintings and the works of illustrator Noma Bar. The human eye is amazing at finding shapes and patterns even if they’re not directly shown. When I do begin to create things, I try to use as few elements as possible, finding ways to communicate multiple ideas with one or two visual motifs, as well as using fundamentals of design, like Gestalt principles and color connotations. In short, my design work is the result of research and minimalism. It’s a very “by the books” way of working, but it has never failed me. As I continue my artistic journey, I hope to not only apply these techniques into more of my works, but continue to research and develop a graphic style unique to myself.