Olivia DeBoer


BFA  W2021

Graphic Design Program

Artist Statement

Olivia Joy Art and Design is a complete rebrand for my personal Etsy shop. While Etsy is a nice site for sellers, the rebrand includes a professional website, new packaging, business cards, thank you cards, stickers and more. When I was 14 years old I decided to start selling home décor signs. Fast forward to today, I have sold over 1,600 paintings and am ready to take my business full time. Etsy is a very popular website; However, I want all of my customers to have a quality experience shopping on my website. Olivia Joy Art and Design’s new website is easy to maneuver through and makes custom orders as simple as ever.   Each customer will know they are getting what they pay for with the branded packaging that will make their experience buying from Olivia Joy Art even better. The new branding reflects the products and makes the experience of purchasing much easier on all who shop the site.