Erica Klass


BFA  W2021

Graphic Design Program

Project Statement

Title: Michigan Missing 
Year: 2021 
Fields: branding, logo design, UI/ UX design, print design 
Figma Prototype:

There is an issue globally with missing children for many different circumstances. Michigan Missing focuses on missing children in the State of Michigan. Every year as many as 460,000 children go missing every year. Most are taken by people they know however around 115 are taken by strangers. The return rate decreases by 52% when a stranger takes the child. There is a small 1% that is never found. This is what Michigan Missing is directed towards, the idea of bringing every child back home safe. Michigan Missing is a place to keep up to date on children who are missing currently in the state of Michigan but also a place to find resources and information. The posters and postcards are focused around portraying the children in a captivating but still informative way while the website is a resource space to help everyone involved. Community is a driving force to bringing these kids home and Michigan Missing is a place to keep everything connected and find information to help easily.